7oz. Zane's Idaho Redneck Blend

Looking to add a new level of flavor and zing to your meat dishes? Zane’s Idaho Redneck Blend offered in a 7-ounce container is ideal for adding the perfect amount of spice and other savory flavors to your steak and potatoes, fish, pork, or other meats. Zane's Idaho Redneck Blend is our hot and spicy adaptation to John’s Steak & Seasoning Spice. This blend is ideal for those who like to adventure on the hotter side of food. So get ready to get your socks knocked off!

We value incorporating an intense level of flavor in our spicy seasoning in comparison to other spice seasonings that are made strictly to burn your mouth. We believe that a burst of flavor alongside some sparks of spice is what makes Zane's Idaho Redneck Blend one of the best seasonings in and around Idaho. Give Zane's Idaho Redneck Blend in 7oz. A try today to bring out the best in your food. Order online through our website or on Amazon or purchase in-store at Pickle’s Place in Arco, Idaho. We can’t wait to see the satisfied look on your face after your first taste of Zane's Idaho Redneck Blend.




20oz. Zane's Idaho Redneck Blend

Couldn’t get enough of our 7 ounces of Zane's Idaho Redneck Blend? Try our 20-ounce version so you can put a larger amount of seasoning on more meals! The incredibly appetizing, savory, and spicy blend that is Zane's Idaho Redneck Blend couples perfectly with meat dishes such as steak and potatoes, fish, and others. Allow your tastebuds to relish in the flavor of Zane's Idaho Redneck Blend by purchasing the larger 20-ounce container.

Zane's Idaho Redneck Blend was made with intense heat and large savory hints in mind. The mixture of the two flavors makes for a bold and mouthwatering meal fit for a king. We aim to spice up your dishes with a simple dash of this seasoning. You’ll want to take Zane's Idaho Redneck Blend everywhere you go! Make a cheap restaurant steak taste like it's from a Michelin star eatery by sprinkling a bit of this powerful combination onto your meal. You can purchase Zane's Idaho Redneck Blend in 20 ounces online, on Amazon, or in-store at Pickle’s Place in Arco, Idaho today and change the way you look at flavor. We look forward to enhancing the taste of your future steaks and other meats that you prepare for yourself, your family, or your friends. Make their mouths water with the help of Zane's Idaho Redneck Blend.

John's Spice - Steak Seasoning - Arco, Idaho - Pickle's Place

John's Steak & Seasoning Spice is the right amount of flavor for any BBQ. Not too spicy or overwhelming.

David Gain

John's Spice - Steak Seasoning - Arco, Idaho - Pickle's Place

Zane's Idaho Redneck Blend is a great flavor that packs quite the kick! I recommend it for your next BBQ.

Manuel Amiotte

John's Spice - Steak Seasoning - Arco, Idaho - Pickle's Place

I normally eat my steak without seasoning but after trying John's Spice, that has changed!

Terry Musk

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